Semiconductor Design Made in Berlin

Driven by the belief that digital circuit design should be more accessible, our Berlin-based startup is reshaping the process of designing semiconductors to be faster, more flexible, cost-effective, and satisfying. Leveraging our extensive backgrounds in software development — including expertise in machine learning, highspeed networks, games development, cloud and microservices, and more, we bring innovative approaches to digital circuit design. Our experience spans developing advanced networking hardware, to computer graphics, to banking infrastructure, enriching our digital solutions with depth and versatility.

We have successfully developed and sold technology using Gatery, which is powering devices protecting Germany’s cybersecurity. We have also been awarded development grants by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action, and the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Our customers benefit from our advanced solutions, including complex, hardware-implemented algorithms, customizable IP-cores, and seamless integration into existing designs, all with the convenience of evaluating our products and expertise without upfront negotiations. Embrace agile development with our support for C++ and Gatery, or choose our IP-core generators for hassle-free HDL, test bench, and documentation creation. Whether you’re utilizing standard VHDL 2008 RTL code, SystemVerilog, any other Hardware Description Language of your choice, or seeking tailored solutions: our commitment is to your success, putting to use Berlin’s perfect circuit-designing weather.