Semiconductor Design Made in Berlin

We are driven by the conviction that designing digital circuits must become easier, faster, more flexible, and affordable. Situated in Berlin, Germany, we have all the terrible weather necessary to stay indoors all day and work on digital circuits. In addition to strong software and HDL skills, our engineers have backgrounds in networking, computer graphics, computer vision, and machine learning.

As a user of our products you benefit from highly customizable IP-cores, smooth integration in existing designs, and a simple sales model, which allows to fully evaluate our products without the hassle of an upfront sales negotiation. You can choose to use C++ and Gatery and profit from the same agile development flow as we do. But we also offer IP-core generators, which can generate HDL, test bench, and documentation while giving you full control about many aspects of the generated core. We are happy to assist in generating your IP-core variant or design custom solutions for your needs.