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Fast time to market.

With extensive background in the software development industry, we are used to fast turnaround times. This also means that we are very interested in a fast sales process. We have a very simple NDA and commercial license, but we are also happy to bilaterally agree on terms quickly with our in-house legal expertise.

Our open source IP-cores

Full transparency. Know what you buy - before you buy it.

Some of our IP-core products are published under a dual-license scheme that is similar to the dual-license concept of the software domain. We implicitly grant you an open-source license but additionally offer to sell a commercial license as well. This choice of two licenses means that if you want to evaluate our products or just tinker around with them, you can do so directly and completely hassle-free. The decision to buy can follow.

In simple, not legally binding english, the two licenses work as follows:

Open-Source license

Under the open-source license, you are free to download and use our products for evaluation and non-commercial use free of charge. However, any modifications to our code have to be published under the same licence. This license is ideal for evaluation, academic use, or simply for private tinkering.

Commercial license

The commercial license allows for modifications to be kept private and is also required when the IP-core is part of your shipped commercial product. We do our best to be transparent about licensing costs in advance, so you can plan ahead while evaluating.

Our entire technology portfolio is at your fingertips. Just download and start evaluating.

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