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By downloading this IP-core, you agree to the following non-commercial use license!

For our IP-cores, we generally offer two licenses. If you have not acquired a commercial license for this core from us, then by downloading you agree to this non-commercial license.

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Simple english

This license allows you to use this IP-core free of charge in a non-commercial manner or for evaluation purposes. What exactly this means is layed out in the full license text. However, the simple, not legally binding intention boils down to the following:

Allowed use cases:

  • Use in private and semi-private (think youtube makers, etc.) projects
  • Use in academic research projects
  • Use in university related student projects or other teaching courses
  • Evaluation of this IP-core
  • Temporarily integrating it into a commercial product in development for the purposes of evaluation of this IP-core

Not allowed use cases:

  • Use in commercial products (outside of evaluation of this IP-core)
  • Use in production systems
  • Use in a company/commercial setting for in-house tests not related to this IP-core (test-stands, internal tools, etc.)

Your obligations:

  • If you make modifications to the source code, the modified source code remains under the this license.
  • If you use the IP-core in a project that you publish in any way, you must attribute us in an appropriate way.

Our obligations:

  • We give no guarantees whatsoever.
  • If this IP-core makes your toaster explode and the sky fall down on us all, that's totally on you.

If you are unclear about certain aspects of this license or feel like its intention should cover your use case while its formulation does not, don't hesitate to contact us.

Legally binding license text

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